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What is ABS? (18)

Application - use
ABS is a strong type of 3D printer filament with excellent mechanical and chemical properties. ABS print is easy, cheap and available in many colors. Many variants of ABS have been made such as ASA and PC + ABS.

What is ABS?

In addition to PLA filament, there is a much stronger type of 3D printer filament that is widely used, namely ABS. This is the abbreviation for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and these are also the 3 ingredients of this filament. Butadiene makes the filament tough and also stretchable. Styrene provides good printing properties and Acrylonitrile makes ABS rigid, temperature-resistant and ensures good chemical resistance. The characteristics of ABS are:

- High impact resistance, scratch resistance
- Strong, tough and long-lasting
- Chemical resistance
- Temperature resistant
- Cheap

View our selection of different ABS filaments here.

The disadvantages of ABS are:

Nasty odor and toxic fumes during 3D printing. Ensure good extraction / ventilation
Poor weather resistance, so ABS prints are only suitable for indoor use
You need a heated bed and sometimes even a closed cabin
Large biological footprint> NOT biodegradable, oil residue

By changing the proportions of ABS and adding additives, you can develop different types of ABS with specific characteristics or properties. In addition to ABS, we also sell ASA: ASA is a modified ABS with excellent UV resistance and therefore extremely suitable for 3D prints for outdoor use. Furthermore, ASA is stronger than ABS and has a nicer finish.

Check our range of ASA here!

We also sell Tenax PC-ABS; a professional and glossy ABS filament with very good mechanical properties and certified for automotive applications.

Order Tenax PC-ABS here


Tips for 3D printing with ABS

The ideal nozzle temperature for ABS is between 220 - 240C. If ABS plastic cools too quickly, it may warp; we call this warping warping. Printing on a heated bed (80 - 110C) prevents warping and the cooling fan can be kept to a minimum. We recommend experimentally 3D printing each filament to arrive at the ideal 3D printer settings; the nozzle type and hot end influence the temperature. By printing at different speeds and temperatures, you quickly reach your best settings. The print temperature is also strongly dependent on the speed; the faster you print, the higher the print temperature.

Always ensure that your first print layer is perfect; this is the basis of your 3D print and a good first layer ensures the perfect print. First adjust the print bed completely straight and then make sure that the distance from the nozzle to the print bed is ideal.

Order your ideal nozzle here. We have the Apollo version for all-round 3D printing; a hard aluminum material with a protective coating. You can order the Hercules version for filled carbon and metal filled filaments; this nozzle is made of A2 plated hardened steel, has better heat conductivity than regular hard steel nozzles, and this Hercules nozzle is also provided with the special protective coating.

For a better adhesion to the print bed you can use an adhesive spray (Gravity Spray), an adhesive stick such as Magigoo or hairdressing tape.

Order your favorite adhesive spray or sticky stick here

Order your favorite color ABS plastic or ideal ASA filament at Plasticz

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