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The Craftbot 3D printers are the best Plug'n'Play printers on the market, according to users and experts at 3DHubs. Large construction volumes, high resolution and a lot of specifications for a low price!
CraftUnique Craftbot PLUS 3D printer - anthracite
CraftUnique Craftbot 3 - anthracite- 3D printer
€2.299,00 €2.099,00
3D Passion Heatbreak -Titan v6 - 1.75 mm for E3D hot end
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3D printers

The Craftbot is one of the most complete and relatively cheap 3D printers. The Craftbots have large construction volumes, are particularly user-friendly due to the unique touch-screen color display, excellent print quality, heated bed and can print a wide range of different materials.

The build quality is very sturdy and robust in a metal housing. In addition to the own slicer, the Craftbot PLUS can be controlled with all other popular slicers.

The official print resolution is 50 microns, but 25 microns is possible.

All specifications together make the Craftbots reliable, high-quality FFF 3D printers that often cost only half of their opponents. The best price-quality ratio at the moment in the market!

See here the objective review on 3DHubs https://www.3dhubs.com/best-3d-printer-guide#plugnplay