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HALO high gloss filaments (6)

Application - use
HALO 3D filaments has an extreme shine and stylish colors. 3D printing with HALO is very easy and you achieve the most fantastic results.
HALO Dark Matter- extreme shine 3D filament
HALO Silver Machine-extreme shine 3D filament
HALO New Gold Dream-extreme shine 3D filament
HALO Royal Blood RED-extreme shine 3D filament
HALO Throwing Copper-extreme shine 3D filament
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HALO high gloss filaments

HALO 3D filaments - the appearance says it all!

An extreme shine and fantastic, special colors make HALO a unique and special filament.

HALO is 3D filament with an extremely high gloss and fantastic colors.

HALO 3D filament prints very fine and easy and the print layers are almost invisible.

Plasticz.nl introduces a new Dutch brand: HALO 3D filaments. With HALO 3D filaments, users are able to print 3D objects with an elegant shine and refined colors. Printing with these filaments is very easy and even beginners can achieve the most fantastic results. The extreme shine and unique colors of this filament provide a special appearance. As soon as the print layers fuse, an even and solid printing surface remains.

Print settings

Although it is not difficult to achieve a nice end result with the HALO filaments, it is important that you use the correct print settings. The correct print settings are as follows:

  • Print temperature: 190-220 ° C
  • Print bed temperature: 0-60 ° C
  • Print speed: 25-45 mm / sec
  • Cooling: Min 40% - max 90%, bridging / overhangs 100%

Experiment with HALO filament

Above you will find the recommended print settings when you start printing HALO filament. Although these print settings are recommended, it is also possible to experiment with these filaments yourself. For example, always change one setting until you have reached the desired end result. In any case, you can assume the following unique features when printing with HALO filament:

  • Extreme shine
  • Unique stylish colors
  • Barely visible print layers
  • Easily printable


Get in touch with us

Do you want to know more about the HALO filaments? Then we always advise you to contact us. Our customer service is able to provide you with tailor-made advice. It is best to contact us by emailing [email protected] or by calling +31 33 844 28 36. Plasticz.nl, the specialist in the field of HALO filaments.


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