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Flexible filament - TPU, TPE en flexible PLA (20)

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Plasticz sells dioverse types of flexible filament such as Fillamentum's Flexfill in the hardnesses 92 shA and 98shA. You can also order TPE and flexible PLA such as BioFlex and KyotoFlex. Flexible filaments are characterized by good chemical and mechanic

Data sheet Flexfill 92A

Data sheet Flexfill 98A

Fillamentum's Flexfill is flexible TPU (termoplastic polyurethane) 3D filament which was developed with great processability and mechanical properties as main goals.

Flexfill is oil resistant with unique mechanical properties and excellent inter-layer adhesion.

Flexfill TPU filament is available in two grades, which differ in mechanical properties.

Flexfill 92A - flexible filament with hardness 92 ShA 

Flexfill 98A - semi-flexible filament with hardness 98 ShA

If you want your prints to stand out by their flexibility and elasticity? Use Flexfill.

Flexfill combines flexibility, mechanical strength, durability, good UV-, chemical and extreme temperature resistance.

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