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PLA PLUS - professional / customized PLA (18)

Application - use
PLA + is the improved version of regular PLA; PLA plus, for example, has better mechanical properties, or can withstand higher temperatures, such as HTPLA, or is resistant to UV influences. PLA + has therefore special, better properties than normal PLA
FILOALFA ALFAPRO, UV-resistant HT PLA+, 700 grams filament
Magigoo Magigoo 3D printing adhesive for heated bed
Plasticz Gravity Spray, 3D heated bed adhesion, 150 ml
ColorFabb LW-PLA natural-voluminous foaming filament, 750 grams
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PLA PLUS - professional / customized PLA

PLA + is greatly improved PLA with a great ease of printing

PLA PLUS is mechanically stronger or can withstand higher temperatures or has better resistance to sunlight and moisture than regular PLA. PLA PLUS is therefore functional, but simply prints like PLA as usual.

PLA + generally has the same strength, mechanical and physical properties as ABS. Plasticz offers PolyMax and ALFAPLUS as PLA + filaments.

HTPLA is High Temperature PLA and can withstand much higher temperatures than normal PLA. You usually have to bake the 3D prints from HTPLA in the oven for good temperature resistance. At Plasticz you can order TREED Shogun PLA, FILOALFA ALFAPRO and ALFAPLUS.

PLA PRO is a type of PLA that is UV resistant - and weather resistant. In addition, it is harder and has good resistance to high temperatures. PLA PRO has the most complete features of all PLA series. Plasticz sells ALFAPRO; a UV-resistant PLA that also has good moisture and high temperature resistance.

For more information about HTPLA, PLA + and PLA PRO, visit www.plasticz.nl