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FILOALFA produces innovative 3D filaments that perform and function.

FILOALFA excels by daring and being curious and a good collaboration with universities and producers of polymers

FILOALFA is a 3D filament producer from Italy and part of Ciceri de Mondel, a company that has been around for more than 100 years. FILOALFA has been extruding plastic sheet material such as HIPS, ABS and ABS / PMMA since 1980.

FILOALFA has specialized in the extrusion of high-quality 3D filaments and still the extrusion of plastic sheets.

The innovative 3D print filaments from FILOALFA are surprising, easy to print and functional. FILOALFA also has a well-equipped laboratory for the development of new 3D filaments, colors and applications in 3D printing.

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FILOALFA PLA Tiger, RAL 4695, 700 grams (0.7 KG)
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