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FILOALFA produces innovative 3D filaments that perform and function.

FILOALFA excels by daring and being curious and a good collaboration with universities and producers of polymers

FILOALFA is a 3D filament producer from Italy and part of Ciceri de Mondel, a company that has been around for more than 100 years. FILOALFA has been extruding plastic sheet material such as HIPS, ABS and ABS / PMMA since 1980.

FILOALFA has specialized in the extrusion of high-quality 3D filaments and still the extrusion of plastic sheets.

The innovative 3D print filaments from FILOALFA are surprising, easy to print and functional. FILOALFA also has a well-equipped laboratory for the development of new 3D filaments, colors and applications in 3D printing.

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FILOALFA PLA Tiger, RAL 4695, 700 grams (0.7 KG)
PLA Tiger is a unique 3D PLA filament; the colors shift from dark to light and in some layers you se...
FILOALFA GRAFYLON is PLA filled with graphite, Pantone 432, super finish
PLA Grafylon is filled with graphite, carbon mineral that is in a pencil. Grafylon therefore has a v...
FILOALFA ALFA+ is PLA+, strong as ABS, High Temperature, 700 grams filament
ALFAPLUS is a HT PLA with ABS properties. ALFA + prints like PLA, but has good heat resistance (afte...
FILOALFA ALFAOMNIA, carbon filled industrial polymer, 1000 grams (1 KG) filament, black
ALFAOMNIA is a unique professional filament mix filled with carbon. ALFAOMNIA prints like PLA, but a...
FILOALFA BioFlex flexible 3D filament - Medical Certification, natural, 250 grams
BioFlex is a flexible and durable filament. BioFlex prints easily, the granulate is medically certif...
FILOALFA THERMEC ™ ZED, high-quality technical filament - PEEK option
THERMEC ™ ZED is an architectural 3D filament with exceptional temperature, chemical and mechanica...
FILOALFA ALFAPRO, UV-resistant HT PLA+, 700 grams filament
ALFAPRO is UV- and moisture resistant high temperature PLA +; the ideal PLA! ALFAPRO has the ease of...
FILOALFA PLA Metallic Blue, Pantone 8182, 700 grams (0.7 KG)
PLA Metallic Blue is a blue 3D filament with glittering micro particles. PLA Metallic Blue is biodeg...
FILOALFA PLA Phosphorescent-Glow in the Dark, Pantone 600, 700 grams (0.7 KG)
PLA Phosphorescent is a glow in the dark 3D filament. Phosphorescent PLA lights up in the dark when ...
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