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Plasticz 3D filament: About us

Plasticz 3D filament is the 3D print shop for the best 3D filament, the most colors and professional, industrial 3D filaments.

Order your 3D filaments, 3D printers and accessories at Plasticz!

As enthusiastic and experienced 3D users we print ourselves, we test 3D printers, the 3D filaments and give advice about 3D printing in general.

In addition to the regular 3D filament, you can order high-quality filament from Plasticz, such as PLA plus, HTPLA, many types of carbon-filled filament, nylon PC and filaments with special applications.

Plasticz 3D filament is available in a diameter of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm and suitable for all 3D printers. Our filament is produced in EUROPE under the strictest standards.

Plasticz filament is made from Nature Works polymer in combination with the best color pigment and additives to get a superior 3D print.

The filament is supplied on a wide spool with a wide core of 105 mm diameter. This broad core allows us to keep the curvature and deformation of the filament as small as possible.

Plasticz sells high-quality 3D filament and surprising brands at a competitive price.

So are you looking for cheap and high-quality filament? Order your 3D printer filament at www.plasticz.nl