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Timberfill/woodfill, wooden 3D filament (7)

Application - use
Timberfill® is wooden polymer composite 3D printing filament made of 100% biodegradabile sources
Polymaker PolyWood™ - wood like PLA filament, 600 grams
Magigoo Magigoo 3D printing adhesive for heated bed
Plasticz Gravity Spray, 3D heated bed adhesion, 150 ml
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Timberfill/woodfill, wooden 3D filament

Timberfill filament is made of biodegradable material based on wood. The material exhibits similar mechanical features as ABS or PLA and models printed with this material have a genuine appearance of wood. We recommend using a 0,5 mm nozzle.

We have 4 colors Timberfill available: Lightwood Tone, Cinnamon, Champagne and Rosewood.