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Treed (19)

Application - use
Treed E-lene, polyethylene HDPE filament, 750 grams
Treed CA-PET, PETG reinforced with carbon fiber, 750 grams (0.75 KG)
€61,00 €49,00
Treed Dark Stone 3D filament, stone filament, 750 grams (0.75 KG)
Treed Tenax PC+ABS, professional 3D printer filament, 500 grams
Treed Clay 3D filament, clay filament, 750 grams (0.75 KG)
Treed SANDY - sand 3D filament, 750 grams (0.75 KG)
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Treed filaments from Italy has the slogan "No More Boring Filaments" and they certainly do not have: Marble filament, bone filament, sand filament, 4 different Carbon filled filaments, 5 different types of flexible filament including TPE, TPU, TPA and recycled rubber from car tires. You can not think of it as crazy or Treed has it in its range.

The 3D filaments from Treed are of high quality, always have added value and will surprise you. The perfect complement for the Plasticz filament range.