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Filament for 3D printing

To be able to print 3D, you need a supply of material. We call this material filament. It is important to know which filament is suitable for your 3D printer. What do you pay attention to when choosing your filament and what is so characteristic of a certain type of filament?

Filament: ABS, PLA and PETG are the most used materials

For 3D printing you need two physical parts: a 3D printer and the raw material: filament. Each type of filament has its own nozzle temperature, nozzle diameter and whether or not a heated bed is required. The most used materials for 3D printing are ABS, PLA and PETG. PLA is a stable plastic with little shrinkage. In addition, it is biodegradable. The advantage of ABS filament is that it is a stronger type of plastic, so that it can be sanded and polished.

3D printing with the right filament

Nowadays you can print almost everything in 3D, provided you use the right filament at the right temperature. For our regular PLA, we recommend printing between 190 and 210 ° C. Choose ABS for a higher temperature, namely between 220 and 240 ° C with a heated bed temperature of 80 - 100 ° C. PETG can be printed between 230 - 240 ° C and heated bed between 70 - 80 ° C. Not every printer is suitable for this, so take a good look at the specifications of your printer before experimenting with this.

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