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ABS plastic (19)

Application - use
ABS is, together with PLA and PETG, the most common and used 3D print filament. The material is hard and has excellent chemical and mechanical properties. ABS is a lot of colors available and cheap.

ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is a 3D print filament and is a sturdier type of plastic than, for example, PLA. The abbreviation ABS stands for Acrynolitril Butadiene Styrene and your 3D prints get a nice matte finish. The 3D prints can be sanded or polished very well afterwards so that you get an even better end result. Please note that your ABS plastic always prints on a heated surface (heated bed). This way you prevent 3D objects from forming under the influence of drafts and / or splitting.


What is ABS anyway?

ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a thermoplastic and copolymer that is used for printing rigid 3D prints. It is made from fossil fuels, ie oil residue from the petrochemical industry. You can find it in LEGO blocks, car bumpers, golf clubs, drills and all kinds of other power tools, white goods and electrical housings, among other things. ABS plastic is an extra strong and impact-resistant filament and therefore perfect for 3D printing of solid 3D objects.


The pros of ABS plastic

Do you use a lot of ABS plastic for 3D printing? These are the advantages: First of all, it is a very sturdy and hard plastic. The service life of the material is long, it has a good flow and the melting temperature is high. That is why ABS plastic is mostly used in industrial applications such as injection molding techniques. ABS has a good temperature resistance, a high impact strength, excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is functional, inexpensive and available in many colors.


The cons of ABS plastic

We also mention various disadvantages of ABS plastic; for example, it is more difficult to print 3D, not biodegradable and a foul odor can occur during printing. The vapors that are released during this process are harmful, so ventilation is necessary. Your 3D printer needs a heated bed for printing ABS. Because draft and temperature fluctuations can disrupt the printing and cooling process, it is advisable to place your 3D printer in a closed cabin (enclosure). Warping (warping) and splitting (splitting of the print layers) can occur due to too rapid cooling and draft. Furthermore, ABS has a large biological footprint and that is not desirable nowadays. The plastic can age quickly under the influence of UV light; ASA is then used as an alternative. ASA is modified ABS with good UV resistance, making ASA suitable for outdoor use.

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