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Fillamentum CPE (verbeterd PETG) HG100 Gloss, Natural / Transparant, co-polyester 3D filament

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Fillamentum CPE HG100 Gloss is co-polyester en het betere alternatief van PETG. Het is duurzamer, natuurvriendelijk materiaal en recyclebaar. Op alle fronten is CPE een verbetering van PETG.
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Dave Beukhof 02-02-2019 22:15

In short: A great plastic!
I've been using this plastic to print cookie cutters of the main characters from a good friend's game, And I haven't had any major problems.
The good:
-Very easy to print, the only printing difference between this and PLA is the increased Temp and it's a bit more stringy.
-Can be printed at room temperature without an enclosure
-Prints odorless
-Strong but flexible
-A 90°C glass transition means that it can be washed without a problem!
-FDA approved is great for my use case (items for food)
Minor annoyance:
-The plastic has some problems adhereing to my glass plate. I like to use the plasticz gravity spray, but I had to pull out the glue stick to prevent this plastic from slightly warping of the bed, but only slightly.
-It is a bit stringy, but good cooling can prevent most of it.
Cool extras:
-This plastic is clear, but during printing it gets a bit of a froste look which is really cool in my opinion!

If you are printing items that will be in contact with food, this is basically a must have! Just be sure that you can reach the temps needed to print it!

My settings:
-270°C Hotend
-60°C Bed
-120mm/s Speed

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