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Plasticz filament (12)

Application - use
Plasticz filament

Plasticz filament:

Plasticz PLA is 1 kilogram of high grade PLA filament for a very low price. Plasticz is available in the basic colors and is our most sold filament. Plasticz is produced in Europe of NatureWorks polymer combined with the best color batches and additives. Plasticz PLA filament is made of natural ingredients and can be biodegraded by composting. Plasticz guarantees high precision of filament dimensions within the tolerance of +/- 0,05 mm, which is strictly controlled throughout the production.

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Plasticz PLA Traffic White, RAL 9016, 1 KG
Plasticz PLA Metallic Grey, RAL 7045, 1 KG 3D filament
Plasticz PLA Traffic Black / Zwart, RAL 9017, 1 KG filament
Plasticz PLA Traffic Red-3D filament, RAL 3020, Pantone 485, 1 KG
Plasticz PLA Traffic Geel / Yellow RAL 1023, 1 kg PLA filament
Plasticz PLA Natural 3D filament, 1 KG
Plasticz Gravity Spray, 3D heated bed adhesion, 150 ml
Plasticz ASA technical polymer, 1 KG - colour on demand RAL .....
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