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FILOALFA filaments (9)

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FILOALFA is a producer of innovative and special 3D filaments for 3D makers, industry and 3D professionals. FILOALFA is a leading player with high performance filament in terms of color and development of 3D filament.

FILOALFA is a producer of innovative and professional 3D filaments from Italy.

Many filaments from FILOALFA are unique, surprising, exceptional, functional and professional; FILOALFA excels through collaboration with universities and polymer manufacturers.

FILOALFA is and remains curious and dares to invest in research to develop and produce the best 3D filaments for 3D makers, the 3D industry and the 3D professionals.

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FILOALFA ALFAPRO, UV-resistant HT PLA+, 700 grams filament
FILOALFA PLA Tiger, RAL 4695, 700 grams (0.7 KG)
FILOALFA PLA Metallic Blue, Pantone 8182, 700 grams (0.7 KG)
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