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ASA filament settings 3D printer

3D printing with ASA

ASA is a much improved version of ABS; it is stronger, harder, more dimensionally stable and is suitable for outdoor use due to the good UV resistance of ASA.

3D printing from ASA is not very easy, like PLA. There are a number of rules that you must adhere to.

Keep the following in mind when printing ASA:

  • Print ASA in an enclosure; ASA does not like drafts
  • Set the cooling fan to a maximum of 15% for, for example, overhangs and / or bridges
  • Print a raft as a basis
  • Nozzle temperature: 240-255 ° C
  • Heated bed: 90 - 105 ° C
  • Fan cooling: 0 - 15%
  • Enclosure: Yes
  • If necessary, use HIPS as a support filament
  • Use Lemonesol to solve HIPS
  • Print speed: 25 - 70 mm / sec.
  • Bed adhesion: Gravity Spray and Magigoo
  • Minimum nozzle diameter: from 0.25 mm
  • Nozzle: Regular brass is sufficient
  • Storage: Always keep your filament in an airtight bag at room temperature in a dry environment.

At too high speeds or too low temperatures you may suffer from under-extrusion.

For more ASA tips, visit www.plasticz.nl