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ColorFabb filament (4)

Application - use
ColorFabb mainly produces technical filaments with functional properties.
ColorFabb LW-PLA natural-voluminous foaming filament, 750 grams
€37,15 excl. BTW
€44,95 incl. BTW
ColorFabb Varioshore TPU natural-voluminous foaming flexible filament, 700 grams
€37,15 excl. BTW
€44,95 incl. BTW
ColorFabb NGEN Clear, co-polyester 3D filament, Natural, enhanced PETG
€29,75 excl. BTW
€36,00 incl. BTW
ColorFabb Bronzefill filament, metal filled 3D printer filament, 750 grams
€41,28 excl. BTW
€49,95 incl. BTW
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ColorFabb filament

In collaboration with Eastman chemicals, ColorFabb uses various Amphora and PHA polymers to manufacture filaments with unique properties and great printing convenience.

The basic material of ColorFabb filaments provides extra printing comfort or functionality that you normally do not find with alternative filament types.

ColorFabb is based in the Netherlands and is a world-renowned filament producer with an excellent product range.