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Metallic & Pearl Premium PLA (19)

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Metallic & Pearl PLA belong to the Premium PLA series from Fillamentum: superior print quality is combined with unique colors. Hardly any print layers can be distinguished in your 3D prints.

Fillamentum Pearl & Metallic PLA: Top quality PLA filament!

Fillamentum Pearl PLA has a unique pearly look.

This premium variant stands out because of the multicolour gloss effect and the subtle color range.

Pearl PLA has the same excellent printing properties as our regular PLA.

Fillamentum Metallic PLA's have a glitter in the filament in addition to their unique metallic color.

The print layers seem to be completely gone with this metallic PLA series and therefore you get super tight 3D prints.

This PLA is wound per 750 grams on a coil with a large diameter to prevent warping as much as possible. Metallic and Pearl PLA can be ordered in a diameter of 1.75 mm and a thickness of 2.85 mm.

Produced in Europe at the best price!

Visit www.plasticz.nl for the most beautiful colors of PLA filament!

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