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PLA (PolylacticAcid), biodegradable 3D filament (81)

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PLA filament is the most popular 3D filament. PLA is easy to print, you do not need a heated bed and it shines. PLA is also manufactured from natural raw materials, PLA is biodegradable and no toxic fumes are released during 3D printing.

Plasticz: Top quality PLA filament, fast delivery and a low price. Pick up is also possible!


At Plasticz you can choose from top brands PLA such as Fillamentum, Polymaker, Plasticz, Treed and more. We mainly offer PLA's that have excellent printing, reasonable price or special unique properties; this way you can pick out wood filled filament, transparent, Glitter- and Luminous- or PLA with a pearl- or metallic effect.

What are you going to use your 3D print for? Does the PLA have to be extra strong or resistant to higher temperatures? Then try out our functional PLA's; Treed Shogun PLA can withstand temperatures up to 95 ° C. PolyMax PLA from Polymaker has better mechanical properties than ABS.

Plasticz PLA is wound per 1 KG on a wide spool to prevent bending of the filament, Filament is a plastic and platcs have "memory" and will always want to take on their old shape. Our PLA is available in a diameter of 1.75 and 2.85.

Fillamentum PLA, ABS, ASA, CPE and woodfill are per 750 grams on a round spool. Fillamentum can in most cases be ordered in 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

Polymaker is a bit different; Polymax filament is per 750 grams on a spool, but Polylite per 1 KG.

Treed filaments are usually wound around a coil per 750 grams, but are also available in heavier coils.

PLA (polyactic acid) is made from starchy plants (such as corn, soybeans and sugar beets). As a result, the smell of this melted thermoplastic is compared with a sweet corn odor, moreover it is biodegradable. The material melts at a low processing temperature and hardly shrinks, so the print does not warp. PLA is a rigid material, hardly bends and has a nice shine. The material is especially suitable for printing more complex designs.

When PLA is properly cooled, you can maintain a higher print speed so that you can print in thinner layers.

For more information about PLA click here, or mail to [email protected]


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Fillamentum PLA Wizard's Voodoo - Pearl, 750 grams (0.75 KG)
HALO Silver Machine-extreme shine 3D filament
Plasticz PLA Traffic White, RAL 9016, 1 KG
FILOALFA PLA Tiger, RAL 4695, 700 grams (0.7 KG)
Plasticz PLA Traffic Black / Zwart, RAL 9017, 1 KG filament
HALO New Gold Dream-extreme shine 3D filament
HALO Dark Matter- extreme shine 3D filament
Fillamentum PLA Vertigo Starlight, premium 3D filament, 750 grams
Fillamentum PLA Vertigo Galaxy, premium 3D filament, 750 grams
HALO Throwing Copper-extreme shine 3D filament
Plasticz PLA Metallic Grey, RAL 7045, 1 KG 3D filament
HALO Royal Blood RED-extreme shine 3D filament
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