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Luminous PLA, fluorescent (11)

Application - use
Fillamentum Luminous PLA are vibrant, fluorescent colours that really pop!
Fresh and Imaginative: The Fillamentum Luminous series!
This bright PLA filament is completely opaque and has excellent printing properties.

Fillamentum Luminous PLA is fluorescent PLA to make your objects pop and distinguish.

So if you want your 3D prints to stand out, print them with Fillamentum Luminous filament. Think keychains buttons for switches or just fun gadgets!

Luminous PLA is available in 3 colors: bright yellow, bright orange and bright green. These colors surpass the regular PLA colors in appearance and color strength!

  • Filament              : Fillamentum PLA Luminous Yellow, Orange and Green
  • Print temperature : 190 – 210°C
  • Heated Bed          : not needed, 0 – 60°C
  • Bed adhesive       : Gravitiy spray, Magigoo glue stick
  • Fan speed            : 100%
  • Printing speed      : 20 – 70 mm/sec.
  • Nozzle                 : allround Apollo


Luminous PLA is available in thicknesses of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm and is wrapped around a round reel per 750 grams.

PLA (polyactic acid) is made from starchy plants (such as corn, soybeans and sugar beets). As a result, the smell of this melted thermoplastic is compared with a sweet corn odor, moreover it is biodegradable. The material melts at a low processing temperature and hardly shrinks, so the print does not warp. PLA is a rigid material, hardly bends and has a nice shine. The material is especially suitable for printing more complex designs.

When PLA is properly cooled, you can maintain a higher print speed so that you can print in thinner layers.


Do you want to order PLA luminous? Then visit www.plasticz.nl for more information.


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