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Tips for 3D printing: starting a 3D print.

Before you start 3D printing, there are always a number of settings and conditions that you must check carefully when starting up your 3D print.

As with everything, also with 3D printing, a good basis is of great importance for your first print layer, the course of the 3D printing process and the quality of your 3D print.

Therefore always first complete this checklist before you start with your 3D print:

  • Clean the print bed and possibly apply a bed adhesion / adhesive to the position of your 3D print
  • Heat the nozzle and the print bed
  • Check the diameter of the filament with a digital caliper at several points over +/- 2 meters; if necessary, adjust the diameter of the filament in your slicer to the average of the measurements
  • Cut the end of the filament obliquely, so that a dot is created that leads you into the hot end
  • Extrude filament; an even, even filament extrusion must take place. If the filament is interrupted and unevenly executed, there is a problem
  • Level the print bed; in other words: is the print bed completely straight?
  • Set the Z value correctly: nozzle vs. distance. print bed
  • Always check the first print layer carefully; the 1st layer is crucial for a good 3D print

* Note: Always end 3D printing by removing your filament from your hot end. This prevents clogging of your hot end and nozzle in advance. There are different ways to remove filament residues from your hot end and nozzle, for example by extruding cleaning filament or a PLA with a low melting temperature. Another method is the cold pull, but this requires a lot from your 3D printer; you have to manually pull cooled nylon filament out of your hot end with enormous force. That can have quite a few consequences ...

Always perform these (small) checks in the same order and print fantastic designs! Do you want more information about 3D printing, filaments and more? Check our website www.plasticz.nl

Good luck with 3D printing!