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Polymax PLA

Why Polymax PLA?

In the FDM 3D printing is usually printed with PLA filament. PLA is very easy to print and is biodegradable. Regular PLA, however, is difficult to post and is softly above 50 ° C. If you leave a PLA print on the dashboard of your car on a hot summer day, it is melted after a while. That is why Polymaker has developed PolyMax PLA.


What is Polymax PLA actually?

Polymax PLA is a tough PLA that is biodegradable, so does not release toxic fumes and print very easily. Polymax PLA has the advantages of PLA and the properties of ABS filament.


The pros of Polymax PLA

Polymax PLA filament has a 9 x higher impact resistance than regular PLA. Furthermore, Polymax PLA has better mechanical properties than ABS. Polymax PLA is produced according to Jam Free technology; this technology ensures even extrusion without blocking your hot end.


Disadvantages of Polymax PLA

The price of Polymax PLA is slightly higher than regular PLA, but actually there are only advantages at Polymax PLA: It is biodegradable, hard, good mechanical properties and trouble-free extrusion.


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