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PLA Plastic

Are you looking for user friendly material for 3D printing? For example because you are new at 3D printing. Go for PLA plastic. Users consider PLA filament to be the best choice for starters. It is strong and less fragile than ABS. Importantly, PLA plastic does not produce any harmful fumes during printing. In fact, the smell during the printing process is more agreeable than ABS, kind of sweetish. 


PLA: What Does That Mean?

PLA is an acronym for Poly Lactic Acid. It’s a thermoplastic extracted from starchy plants such as corn, cassava, sugarcane, grain and sugar beet. Because it is extracted from renewable resources, PLA plastic is also biodegradable. This means that PLA filament causes a lot less environmental stress than thermoplastics extracted from fossil fuels like ABS.  


Why Should I Choose for PLA Plastic?

PLA plastic is partly modified. This means that PLA keeps all of its advantageous properties, whilst becoming stronger and less fragile. After cooling down PLA plastic will not warp or deform as the material has minimal shrinkage. 3D printing with PLA requires lower temperatures than ABS. A heated bed is not required. Do you want to print minute details or decorative prints? Choose for PLA plastic, it will get the job done. What is more, this biodegradable plastic reaches high printing speeds and a shinier finish than the duller looking ABS.


Downside of PLA plastic

There is always a downside, also for 3D printing with PLA plastic. It starts to get soft at temperatures exceeding 55°C (130°F). Also, the material is not as tough as ABS and its life expectancy is shorter.


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