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TREED Architectural filaments 3D printer settings

Treed's Architectural filaments are unique due to the tactility and looks of the various filaments

the materials look like (for example) sand or brick, and really feel like those materials. The architectural series is sensitive to drafts and can therefore best be printed in an enclosure 3D. Furthermore, additional adhesion to the heated bed is not necessary.

Make the following 3D printer settings for TREED Architectural filaments

  • Perimeters: Minimum of 2, preferably 3 perimeters
  • Nozzle temperature: 240-255 ° C
  • Heated bed: 100-110 ° C
  • Fan cooling: Off
  • Enclosure: Yes. Don't have an enclosure? Then print a "skirt" around your model, just as high as the object
  • Print speed: 40 - 60 mm / sec.
  • Bed adhesion: No.
  • Minimum nozzle diameter: 4 mm
  • Nozzle: Regular brass is sufficient
  • Storage: Always keep your filament in an airtight bag at room temperature in a dry environment


Look at Treed architectural filaments at www.plasticz.nl for more information.