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3D Printer Filament

To print 3D you need the input of material. It is important to know which materials fit your 3D printer. What should you pay attention to when looking for your filament of choice. And what are the qualities of the different types of filament?


Favourite Filaments: ABS and PLA Plastic

3D printing requires two physical components: a 3D printer and filament, the material used for printing. Each type of filament has their own nozzle-temperature and diameter. Some types require a heated bed, some don’t. The most commonly used materials in 3D printing are ABS and PLA. PLA is a stable sort of plastic with low warpage. Also, PLA is biodegradable, so earth-friendly. That said, ABS filament is a stronger kind of plastic which makes it easier to sand and polish after printing.


What is the Right Filament for Me?

Today, anything can be printed three dimensionally, when the right filament is used at the right  temperature. Our standard PLA should be printed between 190-210 °C (375-410°F). ABS filament requires higher temperatures: the nozzle temperature at 220-240 °C (430-465°F) with a heated bed temperature of 80-100°C (175-215°F). Be aware: not all printers are suitable for ABS so be sure to check out all your printer’s specifications before experimenting with different types of filament.


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