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Buy Filament at Plasticz

Do you want to buy filament of high quality filament and competitive prices? Plasticz has a wide variety of plastic on offer. It is imperative to use only the highest quality filament when 3D printing. Printing three-dimensionally requires some skill as it is, that is why your filament should not cause you any headaches. Our filament is especially designed for trouble-free 3D printing and is of a superior, consistent quality. Now all you need to know is which high quality filament is right for your 3D printer.


Which 3d Printer is Right for Me

Your 3D printer and the filament you want to buy must be compatible. Some printers work with a closed filament cassette system, while others operate on an open filament system. Open filament systems are more common, therefore the filament on offer is much more divers and you can buy filament at lower costs. Keep that in mind when buying a 3D printer. That way, you can save a lot of money in the long run.   


Sorts of Filament

There are so many different sorts of filament, so make sure you know which materials work with your 3D printer. The best-known filaments are PLA and ABS. However, the type of material is not the only thing you should pay attention to. You should also check the thickness, or diameter, that your printer requires. Naturally, we sell the filament you need in our web-shop. We also have very special types of filament: Pearl Filament, Fluorescent FilamentElastic Filament and Wood Filament. Check it out in the Plasticz online store!


Plasticz and Fillamentum Filament

Plasticz as well as Fillamentum filament is manufactured with European materials and colouring. The colours are vibrant and bright, colour fast and equal over all batches. During the entire production process, qualities like colour, thickness and composition are closely monitored according to strict European regulations. We pride ourselves with our extensive knowledge and experience in the plastics industry; especially when it comes to 3D printing.

Besides, businesses who sell printers, prints and filament increasingly choose for Fillamentum. For example Ultimaker Czech Republic, who buy filamet of Fillamentum instead of their own brand, because of its superior quality.


When you buy filament online, browse our web-shop to find the plastic you require. Plasticz offers only the best quality, always at attractive prices. For questions call us at any time on +31 33 8442 836 or send a message to info@plasticz.nl.