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ASA Filament

Printing prototypes using FDM 3D printing technology usually requires ASA filament. ASA is a technical filament which offers a range of possibilities. For example: creating first working samples for serial production; functional prototypes; manufacturing of tools; ordinary household objects; but also outdoor equipment. These outstanding mechanical qualities make FDM printing technology perfectly suitable for professional, heavy-duty use.


What is ASA Exactly?

ASA was developed in the 70s by BASF as a more durable alternative to ABS. That’s probably why ASA is successfully used in the car industry. This material is tougher than ABS and more resistant to rough weather conditions. Importantly, ASA has practically the same printing configurations as ABS.


Pros of ASA Filament

ASA filament is a strong and stiff plastic. Moreover, ASA has a high UV as well as chemical resistance, which makes this material highly suitable for outdoor use. ASA filament hardly ages and/or yellows. ASA filament has similar printer settings as ABS, less warpage and has a shinier finish than the duller looking ABS.


Cons of ASA filament

A disadvantage of 3D printing with ASA filament is the requirement of a heated bed. Also, during the printing process ASA is very sensitive to draught and it is not eco-friendly.

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