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ABS Plastic

ABS plastic is a filament used for 3D printing. It is a tougher type of plastic than for example PLA. This means that the object you and your 3D printer create is easier to sand or polish, producing an even better final result. Mind you, ABS plastic requires you to print on a so-called heated bed. This heated bed prevents the printed objects to warp due to draught or sudden changes in temperature.


What is ABS Plastic Actually?

ABS, or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a thermoplastic polymer that is often used for rigid objects. It is made from fossil fuels. ABS is used in LEGO building blocks, bumpers, golf clubs, electric drills and all other sorts of power tools. ABS plastic is a super strong and impact-proof type of filament, which makes it perfect for 3D printing robust objects.   


Pros of ABS Plastic

There are several advantages of using ABS plastic for printing three-dimensionally. Firstly, the plastic is very hard and rigid. ABS plastic is a long-life material and its melting point is at a high temperature. However, ABS plastic is more often used for industrial manufacturing than by artists or hobbyists. Obviously, the choice of material used for 3D printing based on personal preferences. Do keep in mind when buying a 3D printer whether or not the printer supports ABS filament.    


Cons of ABS Plastic

The use of ABS plastic also has its disadvantages. Just to name a few: ABS is more difficult to print; it’s not biodegradable; and, during printing a toxic smell might emanate. The fumes that are released are harmful for your health, so proper ventilation is imperative. Also, ABS material might warp when it is not printed on a heated bed. Draught and temperature fluctuation might disturb the print and cooling process.  


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