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3D Printing: A Modern Revolution

3D printing has drastically changed the way in which we produce things, yet the technology has only just been invented. In 2000 the first experiments with 3D printing started and in 2005 the first desktop 3D printers were on the market. Ever since, the technology has been developing rapidly. And, at the same time, you have been getting into 3D printing yourself. We are here to supply you with the perfect filament in the diameter and colour of your choice.


What Can Be 3D Printed Today?

Spare parts, houses, prototypes, jewellery, even prosthetics: literally anything can be printed in 3D. All you need is a quality desktop 3D printer and the perfect filament. FDM printing technology allows you to print a three-dimensional object layer by layer. Either extremely complex or brilliantly simple. Whatever you’re 3D printing, the cost will be at a fraction of retail prices.


Plasticz: The Number One Supplier for 3D Printing

Planning on printing yourself? We are just the place. Plasticz is the number one supplier of 3D filament in Europe. Whether it’s PLA, ABS, PVA, technical polymers or other materials: we provide the highest quality filament at the lowest prices. All of our products are produced in Europe according to strict quality standards.


Looking for first-class filament to start printing in 3D? Plasticz offers the best quality-price ratio, so order now! Questions about 3D printing? Contact us 24/7 on +31 33 8442 836 or [email protected].