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3D Printing: This is How it’s Done!

When printing three-dimensionally a digital file is transformed into a tangible object right before your eyes. Seriously amazing. The most common method used in 3D printing is FDM, which means Fused Deposition Modelling. The material that FDM uses are reels with plastic thread, called filament. A desktop 3D printer heats the filament in a heated induction nozzle until the plastic melts. Then, the melted material is layered successively (in layers of 0.02mm) on a heated bed. This is the platform where the plastic hardens and takes the shape of the original digital file.


Rapid Development of 3D Printing Filament

The endless possibilities of printing in 3D has forever changed the way in which we produce objects. Considering this technique is still in its infancy, its influence is absolutely mind-blowing. Only a decade ago, in 2005, the first generation 3D printers became available for home-users. From that day, three-dimensional printing took off. Are you big into 3D printing and looking for the rights materials? We are here to help you get the perfect filament, available in the diameter and colour that you need.


Plasticz is Your 3D Printing Supply Store

Are you ready to get 3D printing yourself? Plasticz is your number one online shop. We are Europe’s biggest supplier of 3D filament. PLA, ABS, PVA, technical polymers; you name it. We offer high quality material at low prices. What is more, all products in our online shop are produced in Europe according to the strictest quality standards.


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