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3D print thread

The basic raw material of a 3D print is the 3D print thread. We call this plastic wire for 3D printing filament. There are many types of 3D print thread available for your prints. What should you look for when choosing the 3D print thread and what are the properties per type of filament?

3D print thread: Which types are used the most?

To realize a 3D print we need 2 things: A printer and the filament: 3D print thread. Each type of 3D print wire has its own print characteristics. The most common and used types of 3D print thread are PLA and ABS. PLA (Polyactic Acid) is biodegradable and is made from starchy plants (corn, soybeans and sugar beet). Therefore, PLA is non-toxic, easy to print, but regular PLA softens at 50 ° C. With our special PLA type PolyMax ™ this temperature is many times higher. PolyMax ™ is therefore ideal 3D print wire.

What is the best 3D print thread?

Nowadays everything can be printed in 3D; choose the right 3D print thread if you look for what you are going to use your 3D print. For standard prints that you use indoors, we recommend regular PLA. Choose ASA for objects that are used outdoors. And Nylon CF15 for strong functional 3D prints. Choose Flexfill 92A for elastic and Flexfill 98A for semi-flexible 3D prints. Use CPE for food packaging and recycled filament. First examine the specifications of your 3D printer carefully so that you know in advance which material you can print.

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