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3D Passion (1)

3D Passion Heatbreak -Titan v6 - 1.75 mm for E3D hot end
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3D Passion

3D Passion develops unique, innovative solutions for 3D printing.

We know 3D Passion from their famous NOVA hotend; the hotend that can print 4 times faster without clogging.

The titanium heatbreak from 3D Passion has excellent tolerances due to an adjusted bore. Titanium is rock hard, has a very good heat conduction and can handle high temperatures without problems.

The 3D Passion hotend is a unique upgrade for every 3D printer.

3D Passion stands for daring, guts and exceptional quality. Do you dare?

Do you want to take your 3D printer to the next level? Then order your 3D Passion parts at www.plasticz.nl